when the red sun sinks into the sea near capri ...

... and you want to experience this sunset, then we’ll give away the
secret that you can only see it from the amalfi coast, as we know our
way around every nook and cranny in italy. our area of expertise
is the city of naples with the vesuvius and the gulf of naples, with capri,
ischia, sorrento and the amalfi coast. no matter what mediterranean
environment you have in mind – we will find a fitting location for you.
and, one thing is crystal clear: we’ll organise everything on site to make
your filming a success, be it for shooting outdoors, in public buildings
or those belonging to the church or state, as well as with private
motif providers. we’ll organise everything but the weather, and even
if the sun should not come out one day, we’ll guarantee to have an
alternative plan for your project at hand.